CEO Motivates Students to Continue Education

"Five Ways Ed Pays"

FIRST GENESIS' Chief Executive Officer Pascal Watty recently participated in the recent "Five Ways Ed Pays" campaign and rally to educate middle and high school students and their families about the value of a college education.  The Nov. 16 rally gave students an opportunity to hear about the personal and professional benefits of education and meet with college representatives from across the country.

CMO Presents at Federal Health Architecture Learning Series

"Blockchain Enabled Interoperability"

Joe Chirco and Rees Morgan of First Genesis gives synopsis on the futre of interoperable exchange of patient health information is a blockchain enabled eHx.  The presentation will explain the technologies now available that meet the standards for interoperable exchange of patient health information.  The Gateway of Gateways technology compbined with Blockchain network provides security, data integrity and privacy.  The presentation will explain the functionality and architecture of the Blockchain enabled interoperabilty.  This new solution provides a safe zone for applications interface to patient health information.  
O n behalf of FHA, i just wanted to say thank you for an outstanding Learning Series.  We have already received messages from people who would like a copy of the recording, as well with more questions.O
Thank you again!
From left to right; Joe Chirco, Reece Morgan, and Tom Deloney