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Patented, secure distributed ledger technology gives you real-time 360° data insights.

Your Smart Data Fabric  

A powerful platform that allows you to securely manage and analyze your data in a decentralized network. It provides a unified view of your data, regardless of where it is stored, and uses advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to give you deep insights into your data. With “Your Smart Data Fabric,” you have complete control over your data, and you can use it to make informed decisions that drive your business forward. Whether you’re in oil and gas, finance, healthcare, or supply chain management, “Your Smart Data Fabric” is the solution you need to unlock the full potential of your data.

Rest assured that your data is in safe hands with our trusted and secure Xenese™ platform, designed to increase your confidence in decision-making and mitigate risk across the entire Edge to Cloud spectrum.

Real-time data streaming

Data delivered immediately after collection, often used for navigation and tracking.

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Trusted data sharing can be made available to any number of stakeholders and/or counterparties.

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Query processing

Use triggers to run queries based on events.

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AI/ML in real-time

Successfully enable AI and Machine Learning to harness the power of your data.

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Data workflow

Create well-defined data science workflow that provides a simple way to remind all team members of the work to be done on data.

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Indexable searches

Maximized query efficiencies while searching.

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Blaze new trails with event-streaming architecture

Digital transformation to a distributed world centered on data will give you immense knowledge and more control over your operations. Gone are the days of silos, complexity and confusion. Usher in a new era of confidence, innovation and trust with Xenese™, our distributed self-service platform.
Reshape legacy systems with innovative multi-party solutions that speed time to market and power innovation, without compromising privacy or reliability.


Harness Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning on Xenese™

Harness the power of your data in ways you never imagined. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) require data at the center, imagine a future where disruptive patented distributed technology not only provides data-centricity, but allows data to be at the heart of all operations and decisions.

The new secure data-centric world is a reality and Xenese™ puts you in charge of your data with:

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Data Analytics

Empowering Organizations

Xenese™ allows event stream processing to perform calculations, transform data, analyze the data and enrich your data. The flexibility is unmatched, with distributed computing, you can create, transform, merge or build a core of immutable data with ease.

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