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Our technology solution products include:
First Genesis provides technology solutions that can maximize the efficiancy and security of any IT organization, and we have developed innovative products that address our customer' needs and concerns.
Mobius Health Information Services Exchange is First Genesis's solution to the interoperable exchange of Comprehensive Healthcare Records.  The First Genesis team partnered with Military Health Systems, the Department of Defense, The Sequoia Project, The Office of National Coordinator for Health IT and The Veterans Administration to create this innovative technology.  Mobius solves the problem of gathering patient's health records across all Electronic Medical Records software systems at the point of care in the time of need.  Our technology has been certified as the government standard for the e-Health Exchange.  First Genesis is a partner in the Sequoia Project for interoperability.  In addition, Mobius is enabled with Blockchain technology and FHIR.  Click here to be connected to the Sequoia Project.  https://sequoiaproject.org/about-us/members/​​

Mobius Healthcare Solution

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The First Genesis Blockchain Platform as a Service (BPaaS) is an innovative new blockchain software and hardware architecture that achieves superior performance without sacrificing security in-order to easily support any vertifical beyond the cryptocurrency use-case.

Our patent pending blockchain architecture solves the scalability, ineffecient, expensive deployment and maintenance challenges without sacrificing the seminal components like hashing/mining and proofs.
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A flexible solution that gives customers in a wide range of industries the power to evaluate and manage suppliers.  Robust searches for suppliers that fit project needs on RFP's and project opportunities specifically for diverse women and minority own businesses.  

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NowAppt is a patient appointment scheduling web and mobile solution with an Uber like platform for patient scheudling.  NowAppt platform

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Each year, the Medicare Fee-For-Service (FFS) Program makes billions of dollars in estimated improper payments.  The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) employs several types of Review Contractors to measure, prevent, identify, and correct these improper payments.  The CMS eHealth initiative aligns health information technology (Health IT) and electronic standards programs.  The eHealth programs will help improve the health care system including reducing provider paperwork through administration simplification.  
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