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Keep up with innovation and get control of your data!

Xenese™ is an innovative technology powerhouse platform that focuses on distributed computing around The Fourth Industrial Revolution, 4IR, or Industry 4.0 for a data centered world.

You have the power –  Manage data with a different level of transparency:

Xenese™ gives you everything needed for enterprise-grade production deployments. It allows you to drive growth and reduce risk with networks that enable information, value, rights and obligations to cross business boundaries. Xenese™ also eliminates duplication and replaces inefficient manual processes by forging seamless connections and removing the need for manual reconciliation.

Gain the performance advantage! Xenese™ provides confidence and innovation via distributed self-service platform for real-time data-centered applications and analytics.

AI/ML in real-time

Analysis of online predictions in real-time by running machine learning models and systems and continuous learning by incorporating new data and update in real-time.

Data Curation

Organization and integration of data collected from various sources.

Indexing Queries

Maximize queries efficiencies while searching.

Data security

Zero-Trust around every transaction of data processed.

Data immutability

Keeps data from being deleted or modified. Versioning of data allowing historical evidence of chain of custody.

Real-time Data Streaming

Data delivered immediately after collection. Often used for navigation and tracking.

Data accuracy

Error-free records that can be used as a reliable source of information.


Exchange and make use of information between devices, systems, and applications.

Query processing

Use triggers to run queries based on events.

Data sharing

Making data used for scholarly research available to other investigators. Transparency and openness of data.

Risk mitigation

Monitor and control through real-time data visibility .

Data Workflow

Create well-defined data science workflow that provides a simple way to remind all team members of the work to be done on data.

Live in a data-centric world with a 360° view of your business

Imagine making decisions based on trusted and complete data while mitigating risk on a trusted and secure platform. Xenese™ puts data at the center to enable high-performance architecture, enhance Machine Learning and AI while eliminating operational silos for improved sharing, security and reliability.