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Wilmer Technology
The Sequoia Project
WilmerTech is a systems integrator with strong progressive experience and maturity in the art of harmonizing the business processes and technology solutions for collaborative success of the systems in the business operations several domains. Proven superior processes, in-depth understanding of business needs, and best-in-class solutions is our excellent value.

Our expertise in the healthcare vertical is outstanding and totally aligned to the progressive development of healthcare systems in America to provide efficient Medicare and Medicaid systems, displacing paper records of health information, with digitized versions of health records of patients and the healthcare services.
We have the privilege of working with CMS in USA for bringing digitization of all heath records available with healthcare providers. We architected and developed solutions to bring about interoperability among the desperate formats of EHR/EMR available with the healthcare providers.
WilmerTech brings clients the best of both worlds: the savings and superior quality of offshore development, and the immediacy and trust of a local company. We built an offshore outsourcing powerhouse capable of delivering 24x7 project management on the largest software projects, backed by world class processes and capabilities that helps clients manage through rapid changes in technology.
WilmerTech delivers a full range of application development, testing, enterprise solutions, business process consulting, systems integration and staffing services as well as pre-defined solution frameworks.We are methodical and our processes are standardized with the industry best practices. WilmerTech has multi-skilled professionals of young, passionate and matured technologists, business analysts and subject matter specialists provide us the distinctive edge in delivering the most cost effective and quality IT services for transformation of business processes into digitized operations. Our teams are groomed to embrace the latest technologies and excel in the delivery of easy to use and ready to deploy solutions.
In 2012, The Sequoia Project was chartered as a non-profit 501(c)(3) to advance the implementation of secure, interoperable nationwide health information exchange.  The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, part of the US Department of Health and Human Services, transitioned management of its eHealth Exchange to The Sequoia Project for maintenance.  Since 2012, the Exchange has grown to become the largest health information exchange network in the country.  In 2014, we began to support additional interoperability initiatives beginning with Carequality.
We have assembled, through these initiatives, and our engagement with government and industry, experts who can identify the barriers to interoperability and pioneer processes to make health information exchange work on a national level. We are a neutral body, inclusive of diverse participants, which allows us to create practical solutions to data exchange problems. As a nonprofit operating in the public interest, our governance process insures transparent oversight of this work.
Our vision is to make the right health information accessible at the right place and time to improve the health and welfare of all Americans.
We are: Trustworthy. Inclusive. Pioneering.
Payoda in Sanskrit means
Rain Bearing Cloud.  A Rain Bearing Cloud brings promise of nurturing and bringing out the best in nature. And that was the premise with which we started on this journey in 2005.
End User Research. Human Centered Design. Technology. Product Design. Product Engineering. Analytics. Optimization. Everything that goes into your digital offering: We do it all.
We make working with us simple. Whatever your need, we've got it covered. Our teams creatively augment your existing skills and strengths to help you deliver fast. We share your vision, your passion, and your risk. We partner with you to think through right from a concept to an idea to the eventual delivery.
Design+Engineering. We help craft the right "experience" for your customers. We help you create the magic that lights up their eyes. From user centric concepts, to structured ideation, to elegant and effective design, to robust development, to scalable deployment, we partner with you.
We talk Less. We do more. We fail fast. We learn from our mistakes. We work in intensely collaborative ways to ensure we are building the right things, the right way. We are optimists. We build each other up. And we believe that the biggest innovations often come from small accidents.