Empowering Health Care Organizations with Automated Comprehensive Health Records

 The Challenge

The challenge in health care data is that its fragmented, siloed, not connected and interoperable amongst the Continuity of Care Electronic Medical Record software systems.  Access to accurate Comprehensive Health Records (CHR), is fundamental to achieving the highest quality of health care, at the point of need, to ensure cost-effective treatments.  Hospitals and physicians are challenged to maintain real time CHR’s and complete health profiles for patients.  The most sophisticated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platforms, health systems and provider organizations lack connectivity and interoperability, across a broad network, in a HIPAA compliant Blockchain secured
“Safe Zone” solution.

 The Solution

The Blockchain enabled MOBIUS Health Information Services Exchange (MOBIUS) powered by First Genesis addresses these challenges by providing seamless connectivity to Electronic Medical Record software systems.

MOBIUS allows access to Comprehensive Health Records (CHR)

  • Securely automate and transmit CHR into existing EMR systems via MOBIUS interoperable connections
  • Enable quick and easy access to Continuity of Care Documents (CCD’s): Pathology, Radiology, Lab results and Health Care Information
  • MOBIUS creates a Safe Zone in which all information is crypto secured in a Blockchain HIPPA compliant solution
  • MOBIUS allows providers to quickly identify and connect CHR’s, regardless of location or EMR software

MOBIUS takes Connectivity and Interoperability to the next level with key certifications

MOBIUS solves the Connectivity and  Interoperability of Comprehensive Health Records in a
HIPPA compliant Blockchain secured “Safe Zone” solution