Mobile Apps

The ability to make information readily accessible to mobile electronic devices is more important than ever. The First Genesis approach to designing mobile apps makes consumer information available on any mobile device at the touch of a button.

The First Genesis Minimum Viable Product methodology can take an idea, and have it proven as a viable product for consumers or end-users.

Our Minimum Viable Product methodology has become the popular strategy in application development fields. The minimum feature set is:

  • a tactic to reduce wasted engineering hours (code left on the floor)
  • to get the product into the hands of early visionary consumers as soon as possible.

With our methodology apps that contain only core features set standard design and good User Interface and User Experience. It is built to prove the app idea and deploy the product to the consumers to test key assumptions about interactions and gauge the consumer's reactions.
The First Genesis team are Subject Matter Experts in the development of mobile apps.