Digital Tranformation

First Genesis offers expertise in data security, connenctivity and interoperability.  Our innovative solutions assist business and technology leaders to solve the most complex data issues.  Our technology and service improve the alignment and modernization of data analytics, the management of supply chains, and the blockchain digital security protection of sensitive data.

Our technologies provide creative and actionable solutions that facilitate the sharing of information between organizations, communities, and individuals.  The First Genesis team is comprised of recognized Subject Matter Experts in blockchain data security, connectivity, and interoperability within several business verticals.

First Genesis has provided innovative technology solutions to a few of the largest business organizations in America: ExxonMobil, British Petroleum, Phillips 66, Schlumberger, General Electric, NASA, Military Health Systems, The Department of Defense, and Federal Healthcare Arhitecture.

The First Genesis team is a dedicated set of career enterpreneurs who believe in innovative solutions to the most complex information technology issues.