Data Analytics

Turn big data into intelligence and actionable insights
Big data unlocks hidden opportunities and insights.  First Genesis turn technology into business outcomes by delivering information management, business intelligence and analytic solutions under a central operation.

  • Next-Gen Analytics: Use next-gen analytics to power a data-driven organization
  • Business Intelligence: Enable data driven decision-making for better outcomes
  • Enterprise Data Management: Improve operational efficiency and reduce reporting mistakes
  • Frameworks: Create data mapping framework which includes policies, practices and procedures to manage the big data lifecycle of an enterprise.
  • Data Visualization: Use advanced data visualization for better insights as compared to traditional enterprise reporting
  • Big Data: Harness big data analytics to drive better business decisions
  • Informed Intelligence: Apply decision science to resolve your business issues
  • COE: Build a data analytics foundation for the long term

First Genesis Data Analytics services will help your organization examine Big Data to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful information to make more-informed business decisions.

We help you realize how your business in particular can get a competitive advantage from data mining. We offer full-cycle Data Analysis starting from data gathering and cleansing to profound modeling and suggestions on implementation. To make the results more accessible, we offer development of custom-made tools to be accessible from mobile, desktop or web environment. We take the science out of your data by offering continuous data analytics on the regular basis to keep you well informed.

Our Data science as a service (DSaaS) collects data your data, prepare it for analysis, run analytical algorithms against the refined data and return the findings generated by the algorithms to you. By uploading your data to our big data platform, our team of data scientist can work with it, we take all the science out of your data and provide meaningful results to executives and other users from your sales and marketing and financial data in reports and business intelligence dashboards, or as data products that get embedded in operational systems, as in the case of a call center application with built-in prescriptive analytics.