Blockchain Platform as a Service

The Blockchain is a class of emrging digital frameworks for storing and sharing information.  Technical definitions vary on specific blockchain requirements, however, the properties that make blockchain atrractive in industry applications are:

  • Distributed data within the blockchain is fault tolerant across many organizations increasing reliability
  • Security of the data contained in the blockchain ledger is tightly protected through encryption.
  • Immutable recordkeeping ensures data cannot be changed or deleted.
  • Transparent recordkeeping and compliance through Smart Contracts eliminating data from being added or deleted withou strict verifiable permissions, or another specified criteria.

As one fo the first innovators and a Subject Matter Expert in blockchain enabled technology, First Genesis currently offers a Blockchain Platform as a Service that outperforms existing blockchain by more than 150%.  Whereas existing blockchains tkaes minutes to process a request the First Genesis BPaaS processes request at less thn a second.  This speed enabled our BPaaS to deliver interoperability in a ctypto-secure blockchain environment for several industries including:

  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Financial
  • Travel
  • Supply Chain Management