We deliver custom solutions and structures that remove the financial and budgetary barriers to acquiring technology.
The advancement of technology has helped many organizations reach new heights. But this rapid evolution has left a complex IT environment in its wake, driving up operating costs and limiting mobility.
First Genesis has a solution that will help your company navigate this increasingly problematic technological environment. Our extensive portfolio of IT services allows First Genesis to develop solutions that meet today’s requirements and build a foundation for the future.
Transform your IT infrastructure through a unique consulting methodology from First Genesis. Our proven approach will:
  • Free up time so that you can focus on core business practicses without having to worry about the complexity of implementing new technologies.
  • Eliminate the burden of staying apprised of changes in technology, security, and compliances issues.
  • Optimize outsourcing to keep operational burdens low and skilled labor high.
  • Allow you to build on flexible, proven practices that will accomodate the growth of your business.
  • Implement new technology, not just for vertical growth, but also for horizontal growth with partners, vendors, and new markets.

  1. Project Management
    Our trained project managers follow well-defined project management processes, assuring clients of quality and efficiency throughout the project. In order to effectively drive and monitor results, as well as manage risk, each project undergoes three main processes: •Requirements Analysis: During this phase of the project, business needs are assessed, incorporated, and balanced with technical capabilities. •Project Planning: Next, project budgets, timelines, priorities, and risk management strategies are established and implemented. •Project Monitoring and Control: Day-to-day project management strategies are put in place. Projects are delivered successfully, promptly, and cost-effectively, and results are monitored and assessed.
  2. Systems Integration
    First Genesis Integration Services helps customers manage the complexity and risks associated with migrating from legacy systems. Technology solutions are available for clients that do not readily have the resources to deliver and manage a technology initiative. First Genesis’ middleware-based ERP Integration solution will keep your initiative on time and on budget and minimize operational impact. First Genesis’ Data Integration ERP solutions include integration for: Oracle, SAP, Primavera 5, and JD Edwards World. Our experience working with these mission-critical, high-availability environments makes us exceptionally qualified to meet our customers’ technology migration needs.
  3. Architecture & Application Dev
    First Genesis designs, develops, deploys, and manages content-based applications that drive results. We build custom teams to support customers’ unique requirements, bringing together skilled technicians and experts in content management, content production, and digital publishing to deliver solutions that result in operational excellence and lower IT costs.
  4. Mobile Apps
    Research tells us that more people have access to a mobile phone than to clean water. The ability to make information readily accessible to mobile electronic devices is more important than ever, especially when it comes to health care, so First Genesis’ safe and secure Mobius application makes consumer health information available on any mobile device at the touch of a button. With our Minimum Viable Product methodology we can take your idea and have it proven as a viable your customer's or end-users desire. Too many developers making startups with an idea of the product, they believe customers need. Spending months, even years, polishing their own product without showing it to an audience. And they fail. And it is a fair story because they don't speak to their own audience to determine how much people are interested in their product. MVP methodology has become the popular strategy in application development fields. The minimum feature set (sometimes called the "minimum viable product") is: 1) a tactic to reduce wasted engineering hours (code left on the floor) 2) to get the product in the hands of early visionary customers as soon as possible. With our methodology your product (app) that contains only core features set standard design and good UI/UX. It is built to prove your app idea, and deploy the product to the customers to test key assumptions about interactions with it and gauge people's reactions.
  5. Data Analytics
    Are you a business who is wondering how can Analytics/Big Data help me out? Or are you convinced that data mining can add value, but clueless about next steps? Or have you attended multiple conferences under the headline of big data, but still have little idea about how to start it in your own organization? First of all, don't be disheartened, you are not alone! Multiple surveys have shown that while there is a lot of talk of big data, only a few people are actually working on it. First Genesis Data Analytics services will help your organization examine Big Data to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful information to make more-informed business decisions. We help you realize how your business in particular can get a competitive advantage from data mining. We offer full-cycle Data Analysis starting from data gathering and cleansing to profound modeling and suggestions on implementation. To make the results more accessible, we offer development of custom-made tools to be accessible from mobile, desktop or web environment. We take the science out of your data by offering continuous data analytics on the regular basis to keep you well informed. Our Data science as a service (DSaaS) collects data your data, prepare it for analysis, run analytical algorithms against the refined data and return the findings generated by the algorithms to you. By uploading your data to our big data platform, our team of data scientist can work with it, we take all the science out of your data and provide meaningful results to executives and other users from your sales and marketing and financial data in reports and business intelligence dashboards, or as data products that get embedded in operational systems, as in the case of a call center application with built-in prescriptive analytics.
  6. Automation & Digital Transformation
    As digital disruptions impose greater demands on IT systems and organizations, companies must consider an end-to-end approach for upgrading and managing business technologies. Most companies face critical IT modernization issues, whether that means digitizing the customer purchasing experience, managing or moving away aging software and hardware solutions, or shifting to newer technologies such as cloud-based computing, serverless computing, and microservices for delivering software. End-to-end modernization, or a holistic approach to tackling system upgrades, completely redefines how a company thinks about IT. Under this approach, the technology organization is no longer just a shared service; IT becomes a critical part of the company's DNA, and IT leaders become trusted partners, not just service providers. First Genesis Digital transformation harnesses the wider use of technology within your organization services, products, and processes to improve the user experience for your customers, increase the speed of execution and ultimately deliver competitive advantage. Through our business processes optimization services, the overall improvement in IT efficiency, and increase employee productivity we can help your organization optimize its existing processes and keep pace with your competition. Let us become your digital transformation trusted partner.
  7. Data Security & Compliance
    The First Genesis Information Security & Compliance (FGISC) program promotes the secure exchange of electronic information by implementing and maintaining efficient data security requirements and procedures. First Genesis can meet your security needs, whether you want full risk analysis and policy development or just the basic software tools required to comply with government or industry data protection regulations.
  8. Cloud-based Services
    The new cloud-based services offered by First Genesis enhance security and accessibility by streamlining the retrieval, access, and use of information. Our Healthcare Industry customers can share patient health information universally while maintaining full control of security and privacy of this confidential information through a First Genesis service combining the functionality of a Health Information Exchange (HIE) with the capability of connecting to the National Health Information Network.